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What is the Affordable Connectivity Benefit Program?

ACP offers eligible customers up to a $30 benefit (up to $75 benefit for Tribal lands) to reduce the cost of their broadband (wireless, internet, etc.) service each month ACP is a long-term federal program that provides all eligible households a benefit on the monthly cost of broadband service. The ACP replaces the temporary EBB Program. The ACP is limited to one benefit per household, regardless of provider.

How do customers apply and qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Benefit Program?

Eligibility for the ACP benefit is determined by the government’s National Verifier at or call the National Verifier at 833.511.0311. For more info on qualifying for ACP, visit

Once the application has been approved by government’s National Verifier, Cricket can add the ACP benefit to the customer’s account (NOTE: Eligibility determination expires after 90 days if not used). Note that, even though the government started accepting ACP applications 12/31/2021 and conducts eligibility determinations, Cricket did not begin accepting ACP enrollments until 1/7/2022.

What is National Verifier?

The federal government’s National Verifier is a centralized system that determines program eligibility. There are several ways households may be eligible. To find out more, visit

What if the customer lives on Tribal Lands?

Customers on qualifying Tribal lands may be eligible for an ACP benefit of up to $75/mo. To find out more, visit

What is the program’s definition of household?

An individual or any group of individuals who live together at the same address and share income and expenses.

If a customer has a multi-line account with other users that all qualify for ACP, does each line receive a benefit?

Only one benefit can be applied per account. In this scenario, the customer(s) would need to separate each line onto its own account and each user would need to verify eligibility and enroll in ACP separately in order for each Customer Telephone Number (CTN) to receive the benefit.

What happens if the customer disputes their eligibility results?

ACP is a government funded program that is managed by the FCC’s Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC). Cricket cannot resolve eligibility matters. For more information about the requirements, customers should be warmly redirected to or call 833.511.0311. Please do not call any program resource or attempt to resolve eligibility matters on behalf of the customer. If help is required, Sales Chat is available to assist.

Once the customer is verified, when is the benefit applied?

Accounts activated in a retail store will have the benefit applied at the point of sale. New accounts established online, as well as existing accounts adding the benefit will see it applied on the next bill cycle. In any scenario, the customer will receive a text message confirmation.

Can a customer lose their ACP Benefit?

A customer may lose the ACP benefit from Cricket if the customer:

  • Does not use their service at least once in a calendar month
  • Applies for ACP with another participating provider
  • Changes the name, address or CTN on the account to a name, address or CTN that differs from what was entered on the application with the National Verifier – Receives a notice from USAC that the ACP Program is being removed

What should an Advocate do if the Cricket Enrollment Form has errors or cannot be submitted?

Use the Chat function in aktivate to contact an ACP Care agent. They can see and in some cases, correct the Enrollment Form. Typically, issues can be resolved in about 15 minutes. If they are unable to help, please ask them to create a case. Cases are escalated to back office teams for special assistance. The back office team will contact the customer once the issue is resolved.

If an existing customer ports in from another carrier, do they still qualify for EBB or do they have to reapply for ACP?

Customers with an existing EBB discount through another carrier may port their discounted CTN to Cricket. When they do, the existing EBB discount will automatically transfer to their new Cricket account. After the transition period ends, eligible customers will transition to ACP.